The possibilities and options when it comes to the walls of your space are pretty much endless. Its more a less whats allowed in your lease or how brave you want to be. You don't always have to add a new coat of paint to update your office walls. There are plenty of simple, easy ways to give your space a facelift by adding some texture to your standard walls.





WallArt is a European based company that features eco-friendly 3D wall panels in 20 different designs. First off, the panels are amazing looking, since they seem to be popping out of your walls! They're the perfect, simple facelift for your home or office.

The panels are made from sugarcane residue, called bagasse, and are 100% recycled, compostable and is therefore 100% biodegradable. How cool is that? The panels can also be painted to match the rest of your space. The only problem with the panels is the installation is a little tricky and the adhesive is permanent so you better pick a pattern you really love!

corkboard wall

Cork board

I love cork boards for the office because they're easy to put up, they're easy to take down and you can use them for so many things. We have a few cork boards in our office for mood boards and pictures, and I want to have more of it in our next office. I personally hate that standard cork board color, and I think having a cork board in gray or white makes it a little more chic.

fabric wall


I need to have a window in my office because I need to know there's an outside world out there or I'd never leave. But not everyone has a window in their office space. But staring at four plain walls all the time is boring you and your clients. I love the idea of a wall of fabric, like the amazing striped curtains above. Using curtains or drapes creates a no commitment accent wall that you can change whenever you want. It takes the hassle out of painting and you can just remove it if you change offices.



I've seen a lot being done with picture frames lately. I've seen whole walls of photos or even empty frames. Using frames in different sizes, colors and designs is a great way to texturize a wall. You can probably pick up a bunch of great frames from thrift and antique stores for cheap, spray paint them and create a unique wall in your office. Even having them the same color and layering them will add some pop to your space.

If Texture isn't your thing, a bright pop of color may be just what your office needs. Other options like wall decals that "fake" the look of texture but look pretty awesome. 

How would you texturize your walls?


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