Stackify is a troubleshooting software for apps, to help you fix problems and reduce downtime if you are dealing with a crash. It is intuitive enough to point out what really matters in your stacks, which is a basic computer science data structure.

Stackify is a small team based in Kansas City, MO. Culture at work is an important asset to the way they do business. CEO and Founder Matt Watson goes into detail in an interview with turnstone about how it is important to work hard, as well as play hard.

Matt Watson of Stackify

What is company culture? How would you define it?

I would define it as the personality of the company.  I believe that culture is largely created by the founders and management team based on their vision, leadership, and how they treat their employees. It is up to them to take good care of their employees, lead by example, and most importantly listen to them.

How would you describe your company’s culture? What rituals or types of activities does your team/company partake in to build community and culture?

At Stackify our focus is really on innovating and putting our clients first. We work hard but also take time to have some fun and do team building type events. In the past we have all watched a movie together, had parties together, and similar events. Our biggest ritual is what we call “Slackify” time. Every Friday about 4pm a lot of the team members have a beer.

Can you create company culture? Why/why not?

I think the culture is created by the founders and the management team. If they rule with an iron fist and put fear in to everyone, that becomes the culture. If they encourage certain types of activities and lead by example, that creates something completely different. It is important for employees to believe in and respect the management team. That goes a long ways towards having a healthy company culture and morale. You want your employees to love their job.

If you could change one thing about your culture, what would it be?

As a young startup, I would say our culture continues to evolve. I would like to see us be more involved in the community and local events like hackathons. I think giving back and team building are important to a good culture.

Can your culture ever steer you wrong or harm the business? If so, how?

One of the biggest risks is suppressing innovation and not listening to your employees. They are your biggest asset and if the management team never listens to them, then they stop coming forward with good ideas and it ultimately hurts the company long term. Companies need to empower their employees to think on their own and lead. 

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