Starting Over: How to Design your Office from Scratch

Change can be hard and starting over can be even harder. That goes for anything in life, but it also…

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Getting Back to Work: Tips for Overcoming Distractions and Managing your Day

Working during the summer also means having to take time off for vacations and trips. Spending time with family and…

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Businessman walking on office walkway

How to Stay Healthy (and Burn Calories!) at Work

With bathing suit season here, you want to be beach-ready at any moment. But if you're stuck at a desk…

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Hot Desking Part 2- Do’s and Don’ts

Just like hot desking is changing the way people work, it's also changing the way employees decorate/style their workspaces. Typically…

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The Rise of “Hot Desking”: The new way of working when you don’t have the space

In the last few years, we've been seeing a massive shift in the way office life is run. For years,…

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Its Bring your Pet to Work Day! Pet Friendly Offices and Day of Fun

Happy Bring Your Pet to Work Day! Our pets are such a big part of our lives and families, so…

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Changing Your Mind on Your Office Design Aesthetic

When I painted my office bright purple with silver stripes, I thought I would love it forever. Super glam has…

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Mid Century Modern Design at The Office

A few weeks ago, my fiance and I went to this place in LA called Tavern. It's a pretty popular…

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Five Quick and Easy Workspace Updates for Summer

Winter is a distant memory and it feels like Spring was barely here, but it's already almost Summer! Kids are…

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How to Check your Email Less

Have you ever sat down to "quickly" check your e-mail, and 2 hours later, realized you were still sitting there?…

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