Change can be hard and starting over can be even harder. That goes for anything in life, but it also applies in your work life, too. Whether your office suffered a natural disaster, you've changed jobs or you're setting up a home office, the task of designing your space from scratch can be really daunting.

Of course, you can hire professionals like myself to help you, but there are also a few simple things you can do to make the change a little bit easier.

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1. Get inspired

It's really hard to start from scratch when designing and styling an office, so the first thing I would do is brainstorm what you want the vibe or style to be. And don't worry if you have no idea right off the bat, or you change your mind a few times before settling on the look you want.

I definitely spend a lot of time surfing sites like Pinterest to look for design inspiration. Having a picture in your mind of what you want your office to look like is great because then you can start to look for specific things that fit that vibe. This also helps you visualize your office as a complete idea and not just a collection of items. You do want to be mindful of your budget though, since a modern desk that's easily found at IKEA would definitely cost less than an antique desk you have to special order. You get the idea.

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2. Make a shopping list

While you want your space to look cohesive, you will still have to put it together piece by piece. I find that the best way to shop is to have a shopping list already in mind. During your inspiration search, write down the items that you really want in your office. Your list doesn't have to include the exact name or brand or store of the items, it's just a base so that your mind will be focused on those things when you go out looking.

Bivi Desk Setup

3. Start with the most important pieces

After you've decided on how you want your office to look and you've made up your shopping list, it's time to actually start shopping. When designing any room, you want to start with the most important pieces first. In the case of your office, you'll want to get a  desk and a chair first, since those are absolute necessities! This is also practical, since you can still start work in your newly design office even if you don't have all the finishing touches ready. You can also buy anything else big that you need, like bookshelves or cabinets, since you can design around those too. However, your desk + chair are your bread and butter!

Keep in mind, your office doesn't have to be completed all at once! Don't bother stressing yourself out over this; it's a step by step process and you should have fun along the way!


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