Office walls are notoriously boring, but don't panic. One trend in office design seems to be doing an excellent job in preventing the serious disease known as "Boring Wall Syndrome": Custom Wall Graphics. 

Custom wall graphics are an excellent way to improve the look of your office while giving it a look that no other office is going to have.

Here are some reasons I think they are better than traditional wall coverings.

1. Graphics give personality and originality in a way that paint does not

2. Graphics can be used to show off your company's creativity in an instant

3. Graphics can be used to represent important company details like history

4. Graphics can include printed large format photos

Let's go ahead and see how a many companies from around the world have utilized wall graphics into their office designs:

1. Acrylicize used custom cutout graphics over a mirror to bring together the idea of hard work and nice design into the entrance of their lobby  

2. Autodesk uses a simple graphic that consists of dark lines on a white background in one of their conference rooms

3.'s casual seating area has a wall which displays positive press mentions in a collage-style wallpaper

4, 5. Aol's meeting room walls show icons which tie their different products and digital properties into the physical workspace

6. Quid offers data visualization to its customers and has emblazoned a very creative example on their lobby walls

7. Evernote uses a chalk drawing to remind all who enter their premises what the product is there for: To Remember Everything

8. Davies Meyer livens up a conference room using a custom line drawing graphic

9. Zillow spices up a conference room with a street map graphic from San Francisco, the city in which it is located

10. Velcro uses this graphic to show where its offices are located worldwide

11. Bausch & Lomb uses this wall space to show the history of the company in a visual way

12. NBBJ ties its offices together by showing street maps of the different locations in its elevator lobby

13, 14. Bubble shows off its creativity using a drawing from one of its employees

15. Team Gnesda brings the outdoors into its meeting room with a mountainous print along the walls   

16. Fun graphics were used to cleverly show off which restrooms are which – as well as where shower facilities are located

17. Pocket change allowed one of its designers to create a graffiti-like graphic to bring out some color and creativity in the workspaces

18. Though technically a floor graphic, this shows an aerial photo of the location and city where this office is located.

19. Mercado Libre shows off some of the goods available on its marketplace in the lobby

Does your office use any custom graphics?

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