Since I have been writing, I've developed a curiosity about businesses and culture. Graphics, website design, and images tell a story about a company. However, to really get to know a company you need to understand its people. That's why I always read the bio section of a company's website which lists employees and everything from achievements and community work to their favorite food and hobbies. Getting to know and understand their people always makes me more interested in their company, and makes me want to find opportunities to be part of that culture. And that is what I often find at smaller companies: a strong brand that shines from within and they seem to have a lot of fun.

In the workplace, we see things like playful interior architecture, games like ping pong tables and a cohesive color scheme. But how else can you let your culture shine? 

Build your workplace together – literally
Our culture has been exposed to DIY, reality TVs and online tutorials on virtually anything you want to learn. Rolling up your sleeves in creating a work space from assembling desks to doing the final touches creates a sense of community and ownership. It is also an opportunity to build camaraderie with your team. Here is a video of Bivi and the Buoys on how fun and easy to build and reconfigure a work space, it brings a sense of ownership, an opportunity to have fun and maybe breakdance too!

Play + Work = creativity
Starting a project with playful activities breaks the ice and helps to foster a more comfortable working environment. Providing movable, adjustable and multi-use furniture allows you to create a project space that is customized to your group's needs.

Open, collaborative spaces encourages discussions and dialogue. Another way to encourage transparency is installing a message board in the common area to show progress, community work and new hires. Keeping everyone in the loop about workplace developments and feedback makes one feel integral to the company.

Reach out to your community
What better way to show who you are than sharing your skills and talents in your local community. Pro-bono projects or other community work shows the human side of your business and creates a bond with the local businesses.

Remember: ideas are just ideas until you make them happen. Give those ideas a shot. Keep the communication flowing, sustain the culture and keep it integrated in the workplace.

So there you have it, four ideas to get the ball rolling. Now roll up your sleeves and get going.

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