The end of August is fast approaching and that means that summer is quickly coming to a close. Kids and college students are heading back to school and the time for vacations will has passed. You may have worked all summer long, but working in the summer can still lead to taking mental vacations; it is the one season in which you can work all day and then spend the rest of the daylight hours at the pool or BBQing, and then spend your two days off at the beach.

So it's no wonder a lot of us have a hard time getting back into full-on work mode once the summer turns into fall. You want to soak up the last remaining rays of sunshine rather than be sitting at your desk.

I understand. I have the same problem.

So every year, I implement a strategy I like to call Operation Motivation.  Operation Motivation is just that: a way to get myself motivated and back into work mode by updating my office supplies! It's the same principle as kids getting so excited for school when they have new school supplies or getting excited to workout with new workout gear. So grab a shopping list and kick your butt into fall!

get inspired

I always say that changing out your office art is a great way to give your space a fresh breath of life, but it also helps you feel more motivated and excited to be at work. I have a few inspirational prints in my office and they are always a little burst of inspiration whenever I see them. Once summer is winding down, get 1 or 2 for your workspace to help get you in the mood to do some serious work. I love the ode to coffee print! These prints are fun and interesting but can still give you that burst of inspiration you need at the end of the summer.

add some color

One of the things I love most about the summer is all of the summery colors. The tangerine oranges, the sunny yellows, lavender purples and teal blues keep me in a summer mood all season long. I know we're supposed to be bringing you out of summer mode and back to serious work mode, but summery colored desk accessories and office decor actually help with that. These colors are bright and fun and cool, and you'll be excited to use them. You'll get to hang on to some of those feel good summer feelings, even while you power through your To Do list.

treat yourself

Remember when you were younger and your parents would reward you with a toy or a treat if you did well the first month of school? Do the same for yourself by getting yourself something you'd been wanting for your workspace that isn't productivity related. Personally, I've been wanted to get some new art and a Fornasetti piece for my home office, so if I can get myself back into serious work mode, I might just get one. Not only is this a pat on the back for you, but it's also another reason to be happy to come into work!


Which products help you get back into work mode?

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