Whenever I think of lockers, I can't help thinking of how everyone decorated their school locker with what was popular at the time. When I was in 8th grade, the girls were obsessed with Titanic, so photos of a shirtless Leonardo DiCaprio abounded. I probably found photos of offices to cover my locker walls.

But lockers are an interesting phenomenon in my opinion. Lockers represent the ultimate personal storage space: small, locked, and private. And they are a growing trend in workplace designs.

Why? Well after doing a quick search of the turnstone blog, we've discussed how lockers:

Current office designs and office layouts are tending to be embracing mobility more and more frequently. With this rise in mobility, employees just aren't in the office as much. In an effort to be more efficient with space, companies are opting to not provide mobile employees with a permanent workstation. To compensate for the lack of personal space and regular personal storage space desks which once provided, lockers will be necessary.

For myself, I don't really have the need of a locker. And in my current workspace, the only thing I need to store once I arrive is my lunch, which is put into the refrigerator. The rest of what I need to work is just brought with me in my backpack each day.

Do you need storage space? What do you think of lockers?

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