A few weeks ago, my fiance and I went to this place in LA called Tavern. It's a pretty popular spot and was supposed to have amazing food and atmosphere. We definitely weren't disappointed, but I also drew a lot of inspiration from the gorgeous Mid-Century decor.

I had planned on decorating our new home very glam and luxe (much to my guys dismay, of course) with lots of sparkle and feminine colors and precious metals. That's just my personal design aesthetic. But after going to Tavern and seeing how they combined the classic Mid-Century style with some modern glam, I decided I wanted to try and copy it for my home office.

It's really sophisticated looking, as well as pretty gender neutral, which is why it's perfect for office decor. Getting the look is actually relatively simple, and aside from the furniture, you can achieve this style in your color scheme.

Tavern LA

This is one of the rooms at Tavern. You can see that all of the furniture and decor have 50s/60s sort of vibe to them. They're very classic American looking, and the brick wall is very vintage. But it's also very modern glam, isn't it? You look at this room and can picture the type of clientele it attracts. This is a great set up if you have a large, open office space or for a conference room. The best thing to do is stick with earthy, simple colors like browns and cream and then add a pop of color, like the orange booths. Most of the room will remain rooted in the traditional, with just a hint of modern.

Duke & Winston
We profiled the amazing Duke & Winston storefront and it's a great example of Mid-Century meets modern. Mid-Century style became popular between 1933 and 1963, and this storefront is all about WWII-era Britain. It's very much a reincarnation of an upper class British gentleman's club with all of the dark wood, red leather arm chairs and pictures of Winston Churchill himself. But the store also includes gorgeous pops of deep purple to bring it into the modern age. This is something I definitely want to try and do in my next office, since I love purple, but I don't want it everywhere. It keeps the space pretty, but not overwhelmingly feminine.

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 1.54.31 PM

But having a feminine office isn't bad, either. Incorporating little pops of a girly color or decor among classic Mid-Century pieces makes for an elegant and modern space. The above office is a gorgeous example. It has just the right mix of modern glam elements with the pink desk chair and big Pop Art print and Mid-Century staples like gray wood desk and square lamps.

Mid-Century Office

This office is leaning more toward the 60s with it's minimalist look. This is another cornerstone of Mid-Century styling, keeping things simple and easy and not cluttered. The office utilizes dark colors in black, gray + oxblood in order to highlight the great yellow wall art. Even the art itself, being very modern looking, plays against the classic desk and chairs setup.

Of course, aside from the color scheme, combining Mid-Century furniture with modern accessories is also a great way to get this look!

How would you combine Mid-Century and modern glam in your office?



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