One of the most important things a business has to think about is branding. Branding is what makes your company unique, recognizable and engaging to your clients and customers. Which is why so many companies are bringing their branding into their office spaces.
Branding your office is a great motivator for you and the people you work with, not to mention your clients and customers. If you love a companies website and come to find that their office is just as amazing, wouldn't that give you more incentive to want to work there or work with that company? Of course it would!

The Office Stylist-Yours Truly

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My own office, for example, is pretty on brand with my website. It's simple, it's chic, it's purple!

For online businesses, or any business with an online presence, taking the branding from your website into your offices can help keep the vibe of your company, inspire your employees and wow your clientele.

Google and the brilliant use of color

One of the easiest ways to take your branding from website to workspace is bringing your companies color scheme into the design. Google's iconic red/blue/green/yellow logo is easily implemented into their office furniture and decor. Google is known for being a fun and relaxed company for their employees, so the primary colors really work to enhance that. I love the brightly colored chairs in the lounge area and the multicolored balls by the fooseball table. Even the strategically placed blue and yellow paint makes the environment a fully realized idea rather than just another office.

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Wilson and Adidas let their products do the talking

Another great way to brand your office is to include your product in the space. For instance, Wilson is best known for their tennis equipment. So why not use their great rackets, balls and bags as office decor? If you're going to spend your day talking about tennis, writing about tennis, or thinking about tennis products, can you imagine a more inspirational office space to have?

Same goes for a company like Adidas. Their classic black and white color scheme is used in the design, but they also have their products prominently displayed. Having your products out keep you, your employees and your clients focused on your brand while in the office.

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Etsy infuses it's own eclectic vibe

Probably the hardest way to brand your office is by trying to match the exact vibe of your website to your office, but believe me, it makes a big difference. I love Etsy, it's vibe is so eclectic and vintage and personal. And just like each of their handmade or vintage products are unique, so is every part of their office. I love that each workspace has it's own look and feel, like having a British phone booth next to port holed ship door and a 50s front door. This is a perfect example of bringing the overall vibe and message of your company into your office's design.

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Office branding is a huge trend right now, and I've profiled a lot of offices on the MyTurnstone blog. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has some serious office envy!

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