We're almost half way through the year… how are you doing on the goals you set back in January?

If you're just realizing that you still haven't made much progress on your goals, there's a pretty good chance that your goals are not your priority.

And I don't say this to be rude or to condemn — just as a fact.

We naturally give our time and energy to the people, places, and things that are MOST important to us at any given time — so if our goals do not line up with our priorities, there's a good chance we will never, ever achieve our goals.

Maybe you've had health issues, maybe you moved or switched jobs unexpectedly, or maybe you simply needed to take it easy for a few months.

That's OK… life happens! If you need to change your goals — go ahead. Do it now, and then spend the 2nd half of the year focusing on your new goals (whatever they may be).

However, if you still intend to reach the goals you set back in January… and just need a little help making them a priority, you'll need to consciously MAKE THE TIME to pursue these goals each day and each week.

Here are 5 ways you can MAKE the time.

1. Wake up earlier.

Normally, I don't encourage less sleep, but waking up 15-30 minutes earlier (even just a few times a week) shouldn't affect your productivity too much… and it will give you a few minutes every day to consciously focus on making your goals your priority again. Go to your favorite quiet place, remove potential distractions, and just "dive in". I think you'll be surprised what you can accomplish in those few uninterrupted minutes!

2. Just say No.

Every time someone asks you to do something, (sit on another committee, coach your son's soccer team, or do just one more thing) stop and think if doing that "thing" aligns with your goal. If it doesn't, say no.

Obviously, there are many things we do each day out of necessity and not because they line up with our goals. However, there comes a point when enough is enough and it's OK to say no every once in a while — especially if saying no means you'll achieve a very important goal.

3. Give up TV.

Giving up just 1 night of TV (or turing the tube off for 1 weekend a month) could make a huge difference in number or hours you can devote to making your goals become reality.

Instead of zoning out in front of the TV, go to a quiet place in your home or office and start thinking and planning what you will do to move towards accomplishing your goals.

4. Delegate and/or Streamline.

Is there anything you currently do that you could find someone else to do for you? Could your son or your spouse take care of yard work? Or could you hire it out just for one summer? If you work from  home, can you hire additional childcare? Can you ask a coworker to assist you with anything?

If you can't delegate certain tasks then stop and think about ways you might be able to streamline the tasks instead. Instead of taking 30 minutes to do something, maybe you can cut out one of the non-essential steps and do it in 15 minutes. Or maybe it's as simple as carpooling to work and using the days when you're not driving to focus on your goals.

5. Write a plan.

I have found (over and over again) that whenever I write something down, I'm so much more likely to follow through. I think part of this is because I'm physically going through the motions of writing down the things I need and want to do. However, another main reason I'm more likely to follow through on my written plans is because I see them day after day after day.

If you find that you just aren't able to carve out enough time to make your goals a priority, then it's time to grab a pad of paper and a pen… and start writing. Write down exactly WHEN you will make the time, HOW you will make the time, and WHAT you will do during that time. Then physically block out that time on your calendar and DON'T let yourself reschedule!

Whether it's growing your business, losing weight, redecorating your home, making more time for family, or any number of things, you will not accomplish these goals unless you make them a priority.

So what are you waiting for — start working on those goals! 

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