The air is getting warmer, the flowers are all in bloom, which could only meant it's starting to be Spring! All of those dreary, gloomy days at the office are being replaced with clear, sunny ones and your space could probably use a little spring time pick me up.

Don't worry, you don't have to redo your whole office to match the world outside. Adding or changing a few simple things will help make your office happier, brighter, and ready for spring.

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1. Have a Spring Desktop

One of the simplest changes you can make is having a spring-themed desktop image to greet you everyday. Whether you like blooming flowers, green fields or a lush garden setting, having that image be the first thing you see when you turn on your computer everyday will put you in a spring mood and hopefully keep a smile on your face all day.

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2. Get an office plant

Nothing brights up an office quite like a plant. Having another living thing in your office will definitely get you excited for spring, since you'll have a little piece of nature right on your desk. Plus, it makes your space feel a little bit more homey and welcoming. Fresh flowers and plants are obviously more spring-y, but fake ones never die!

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3. Brighten up your desk accessories

If your same old boring stapler and pen cup are making you feel down, get some colorful desk accessories to liven up your space. But don't through out your old stuff either, just add a few colorful pieces to enhance everything. Look for things in pastel colors like light green, blue + yellow for a spring like feel, but really any bright color will do.

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4. Change your office lighting

We have desk lamps all over our office and they could definitely use a little spring update. Target has a lot of great lamp bases and lamps shades so you can mix and match with your already have. Like with the desk accessories, pastel colors work great for achieving that spring feeling and so do floral and botanical patterns. And the best part is, when it's winter again, you can just change back to your old shade or base.


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5. Add colorful furniture

If you're up for a more substancial change, you can always add some colorful furniture to your space. Turnstone's chairs come in a variety of shapes, styles and colors, so you can update your office and guest chairs for spring. And don't be afraid of the bright colors, if you keep the rest of your office neutral, the chairs can work all year long!

How will you update your office for spring?


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