Video game companies come out with amazingly designed games. It’s only natural that their environment would reflect the culture of fun. Gaming at work for them is not considered a “break”, it's experiencing their product! Most companies that play video games at work do so in a game room as a form of relaxation. For gaming companies, it is their job to be experimenting with their games. It's not a surprise then that they have integrated game rooms, brainstorming rooms, and relaxation rooms into their offices.

Culture is also an important design element for gaming offices.  They express their branding and culture through their office space using color, memorabilia  and wall hangings. By expressing their brand in the way their office is designed, their employees naturally "get" the brand and culture.

We took you inside the offices of 5 awesome gaming companies. Here are a few more to drool over!


The headquarters of Rovio have stuff Angry Birds paraphernalia all over the place, because that is their signature game. Each office is unique to the the products they make.

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EA Redwood Shores

EA has done a great job of integrating lighting and color into their space – expressing their culture, product, and brand in a very well designed way.

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Redlynx headquarters has relaxation and game rooms all over. They've branded a lot of what they have in these rooms and it offers employees a great place to play games.

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Irrational Games

Irrational Games seems to have a little bit more "corporate" look but they have still maintained fun and culture with pops of color, big whiteboard walls for brainstorming, and gaming artifacts around the space.

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How would you integrate some gaming elements into your office and culture?

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