Whether you're a telecommuter or you've started their own businesses, more and more people have started to work from home in the last few years. I worked out of my home for the first few years of starting my own business, and how your home office looks is just as important as how an outside office should look.

But the greatest thing about a home office is that you don't have to worry about a landlord or what co-workers will think of the design, so you basically have free reign in how it looks. I've seen a lot of gorgeous home offices and they all have a few things in common that make them so attractive and motivating.

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1. Stay Stylishly Organized

Some home offices have whole rooms,while others use just a corner. Either way, it's important to stay organized so that your mind and space is clear. It's especially important if you're working in a small space. Follow the example of city planning and build up, not out. Use the space above your desk for storage instead of the rest of the room. Grab a few banker boxes and magazine holders for easy organization. Plus, you can get them in a variety of colors to bring pops of color onto your shelves!

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2. Add Some Plant Life

Living things, be it humans, pets or plants, really do make a space feel homier. So bring some flora and foliage into your home office to brighten up the place. turnstone offers an awesome planter that allows plants to grow attached to a wall or bivi desk. I suggest easily taken care of plants like bamboo, cacti and ficus' or the flowers of your choice. If you want to avoid the hassle of buying flowers every week, however, get yourself some lovely faux flowers. They can be just as pretty, and you won't have to worry about watering them.

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3. Get a Comfy, Chic Chair 

Do not get yourself a standard, black office chair. Just don't. Your home office should be stylish and fun, not corporate! But don't sacrifice comfort for style either, you still have to work in the chair all day. If you really want the look of a traditional office chair, try something like the Turnstone Uno Select or Cobi Select chair. They still have the feel of a standard office chair, but they come in a variety of fun, bright colors. Personally, I'd style my home office with a comfy accent chair!

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4. Make Your Office Products Fun

Even though you're at home, if you have your own business, your home office is still a place of business. So you need things that every business needs, like pens, pencils, tape, folders, calculators and the like. But you don't have to settle for the standard warehouse store desk accessories. Get some fun and functional office supplies to give your desk character, but also help with the business basics.

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5. Make Your Space Colorful

Whether you have a cubicle or you can't commit to painted walls or furniture, many of us who have offices outside the home might be a little restricted on the color scheme. But not your home officers! You can paint, decorate and style your office in whatever colors you want to. And believe me, colors are absolutely necessary. Sure, it's your workspace, but it's also part of your home! Take pride in how great it will look!

What is your favorite home office styling tip?


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