One of my favorite things to do each spring is PURGE!

I love how "light" my home, my office, and my schedule feel after a good purge — and what better time to do that then right now.

After a long winter inside, it's time to not only let the natural light into your office, but also take an afternoon (or even just a few minutes) to physically "lighten" your space by cleaning, getting more organized, and purging.

Here are a few areas you might consider:

1. Emails

Weed through your Inbox and all your email folders. Purge anything you no longer need.

Then delete messages in your spam and trash.

2. Paper files

First, weed through all your current files and purge/shred anything you no longer need. Create new files as needed, and then file any documents on your desk.

3. Digital files

Even though digital files don't physically clutter up your office space, unorganized files will most definitely waste time and decrease your productivity as you search and search for the ones you need.

Take an afternoon to make sense of your current filing system then tweak it as necessary. Add subfiles, and clearly label every folder so your documents are more easily accessible.

4. Office drawers

When was the last time you emptied our your drawers? My guess is it's been a while!

Take one drawer at a time, empty it out completely, wipe it down, purge anything you don't need, then organize the rest.

You'll be amazed how much junk you find the back of some of those drawers!

5. Voice messages / text messages

I get so annoyed when I'm trying to leave someone a message, only to get a beep, followed by "this mailbox is full".

If you haven't deleted your old voice messages and text messages, do it now — it will only take a few minutes!

6. Purse, wallet, computer bag, etc.

Take 15 minutes and purge any old receipts, coupons, documents, food wrappers, and other trash items from your purse, wallet, computer bag, etc. and literally enjoy the lighter load.

As I mentioned above, I love a good purge — and my "rule of thumb" is to purge anything I don't need, use, want, or love.

Not only will you enjoy a "lighter" more organized space, I have a feeling you'll also see an increase in your over-all productivity.

What areas of your home, office, and life will you lighten this spring? photo source

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