Introverts everywhere breathed a collective sigh of thanks when Susan Cain released her New York Times Bestselling book, Quiet. 

With profound research and thoughtful writing to back her, Ms. Cain made it “okay” to admit that sometimes our best creative insights arrive not when we're collaborating, but when we’re staring out the window—alone.

susan cain quiet

At turnstone, we recognize there are a variety of moments that make up our days. There are times for collaboration and times for solitude; times for chatter and times for focus. Working effectively within a team means that our environment—and our furniture—has to flex to accommodate the assortment of tasks we tackle while at work.

Because nobody stays parked at their desk for an entire day.  Likewise, nobody stands in the break room, hovering over bagels and cream cheese from 9 to 5.

We move. We chat. We work. We grab a lounge chair and eventually head somewhere else to take a phone call. It all depends on the day and the list of tasks on our to-do list.

In order to help us better research and design and create, we’d like to know more about your need for quiet:

How much?

How often?

When, exactly?

If you’d be willing to help us answer questions like these in a brief survey, please click this link and accept our thanks in advance.

Susan Cain started the conversation: we’re making sure that you have a comfortable place to continue it.

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