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Most of my business work happens at the old wooden desk in my home office. However, during summer months, I'm often "forced" to leave my desk for family vacations, afternoons at the pool, traveling for weddings, and warm sunny mornings.

It's a rough life, I know!

To make sure I'm always organized and ready to take my work on the run, I keep a special "work bag" packed and ready to go as a make-shift mobile office. This bag can easily be transported anywhere I go — which means that if need be, I can be relatively productive wherever I go!

work bag

My work bag — a.k.a. "mobile office" is the Martha Stewart Small Tote (available at Staples).

This bag is black, so it looks good with everything, and even though it's called the "small tote" it's actually quite large.

My work bag can easily accommodate my laptop, leather notepad, iPad, planner, wristlet wallet, phone, water bottle, sticky notes, pens, charging cords, and a lot more.

So pretty much everything I need to take my work wherever I need to go!

I realize your "must have" items for working on the go might be different than mine. However, setting up a mobile office like mine is relatively easy to do.

The next time you have an extra 10 minutes, gather up YOUR must-have work supplies and stash them away in a bag. Make a list of any other last-minute items you'll need to add, and then look for an excuse to get out and enjoy working outside of your traditional office setting.

Having a organized mobile office will allow you to work and be productive when and where it's most convenient for you!

What would you keep in your mobile office? 

my mobile office

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