In a recent turnstone survey of over 500 small business owners to be formally released next week, office culture emerged as a key factor when determining employee satisfaction. With questions designed to drill down to the roots of employee needs and wants, the results pulled at some interesting strings. 

Unsurprisingly, team members described great culture as a place where all individuals feel valued, cared for, respected and heard. It promotes the freedom to be authentic while at work, putting weekend hobbies and passions on display in 9-to-5 spaces. And it allows for working where and how best suits the worker's personality and the task at hand. All of these things, and many more, combine to form that enviable "vibe" we're all after. 

After analyzing survey responses, turnstone learned that one thing's for certain: culture is more than a nice perk. With nearly 9 out of 10 entrepreneurs stating that culture is a necessary component to their company's success, it's becoming more obvious that workspaces hoping to rise above mediocrity and lure top talent to their ranks must approach culture with intentionality. Professionals are no longer willing to settle—and bosses are getting the message.

Here's a first look what we discovered:

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