In case you were wondering what an awesome office space looks like, this is it. It's one of those spaces that you look at and literally say: I wish I worked there! 


Today I'd like to share my interview with Andy Medley, president and co-founder of PERQ. Scroll below the photos to hear what went into this amazing space.

Scooter rack

Savvy 2

Philanthropy wall and history wall


Bar - grit 2

Game room - competitive greatness 2

Describe your company culture and space.

Our company culture is built around the competitive spirit of our business, treating business as a game. We believe our office space reflects that culture, so we treat it as our stadium where the game is played. With our recent building re-design, we focus on the core attributes of our company and its employees: competitive greatness, grit, magnetism, savviness, and philanthropy. We have different walls and spaces that represent each of these attributes as a constant reminder.

Would you say that it’s effected your company positively by having a unique company culture and space? If so, why?

Absolutely! We made the re-design about more than just making the office appealing to the eye, we wanted to make it functional as well. We have more than 2,000 square feet of white board and black board space and 13 different collaboration spaces for meetings or brainstorming sessions. In addition, we have a game room that allows for some of that competitive spirit to be let out.  It includes a full size basketball goal, ping pong table, shuffle board, etc.  As far as company culture goes, we believe ours boosts productivity. We definitely work hard and play hard, too.

Who decided to create this kind of space for the office and why? 

We previously operated as three separate companies, all under a holding structure. It made the most sense to re-brand and consolidate these businesses to become one—PERQ. While all three entities were housed in the same building previously, we thought that with the re-brand we should make the building more cohesive to the singular brand and our existing company culture.  Our goal was to use the PERQ brand as a way to create a building that truly embodies who we are.

What's it like to work in an office that is somewhat of a playground?

Just as awesome as it sounds. There is a lot to look at, certainly, but it’s all very functional. We added the fun touches—like scooter racks, a game room and a custom bar—but our main goal was to have an office setting that promotes productivity, collaboration and innovation. We think we achieved our goal by creating a space that's both fun and functional.

Do employees ever spend TOO much time having fun?

We don’t overindulge. Our culture promotes use of the bar and games if we’re meeting or exceeding our goals. The fun portions of the office act as an incentive to employees to work hard. Our team wants to win and therefore the teammates hold each other accountable to pulling their own weight. 

What's your favorite part of the office? 

I just love the magnetism wall. It’s a 91 foot by 30 foot custom art installation that pays homage to the magnetism of our staff. It was made with more than 1,500 employee-submitted Instagram photos that you can see when you’re up close. From a distance, it looks like a concert scene. But having local Indy craft beer on tap is pretty cool as well!

What do you think of PERQ? Could you incorporate any of their design elements into your space?

-Sayeh, The Office Stylist

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