With companies trying to efficiently use their office spaces, many have begun to use a large variety of space types to maximize the variety of functions that can occur. Adding multiple functions helps increase the type of work than can effectively be accomplished while ensuring that less space goes unused throughout the day.

One good example of this type of space-saving design is that of the Tiered Seating Meeting Area. Some of the positive aspects of these are as follows:

  • If you need space for more than 10 chairs or so, tiered seating often uses less space
  • Presentations are front-and-center, creating a less distracted audience
  • People in the back can see easily
  • Great spaces to host educational sessions
  • Eye-catching design: The straight lines simply look fantastic

But as you can see in many of the examples below, the seating areas generally seem to be placed in areas where nothing else would have been. Here are some uses:

Lobbies – Lobbies often are vast expanses of space with nothing but a few chairs filling them. Tiered seating fills the space and allows it to be used for larger employee meetings as well.

Meetings – Meeting rooms generally have seating around a table in the middle of the room. Adding Tiered seating makes use of the generally useless space on the edges of the walls. If you don't have much space, even one bench around the perimeter can be useful.

Stairs – Another use of Tiered seating seems to be along large stairways. Instead of having a staircase be used only for walking, split it into two and have large company-wide meetings on the second half.

Does your office use Tiered Seating?

pictured above, the SW_1 Chair from Coalesse, a Steelcase brand.

pictured above left, the turnstone Scoop stool

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