Ah, the cubicle. For some, a secure haven of uniformity and solidarity. For others, a dreaded box of boredom. You already know how I feel about cubicles but however you feel about your square-shaped workspace, every cubicle could use some help. Don't fear the small space, there is still a lot you can do to make your cubicle fun, chic and stylish!

A great (and easy way) to add some decor to your cubicle is with peel and stick wallpaper.  Aside from your normal wallpaper companies, there some really great companies that make wallpaper exclusively for cubicles! One such company, Dream Cubicle, offers a variety of wallpapers including landscape/nature scenes and even the option to upload your own photos.

cube1 cube2 cube4


Photos from Dream Cubicle.

All of there wallpaper is peel and stick and can be made to fit any size cubicle. The wallpapers even stick to cubicle surfaces that are covered in cloth and you can use them again and again. The nature scene wallpapers really turn your space into a little mental getaway. When you're stressed out, all you have to do is look at the beautiful white sand beach or Eiffel Tower and find some Zen. I love the seamless wallpapers too, the hardwood look is super sleek!

If you don't want to cover your walls, you could try some of the designs from Chic Shelf Paper.

cube10Photo from HGTV


Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 12.30.19 PM


Photo from Chic Shelf Paper.

Not only do they have over 300 designs, you can order your wallaper Cut-to-Fit so you can fit them to match any space. They would look great on the bottom of your desk drawers or the back of your shelving. I really love the way paper was used to upgrade a standard filing cabinet. Perfect for sprucing up a cubicle space.


Photos from Blik.

Aside from wallpaper, another easy decor item is decals. One of my favorite decal companies, Blik, makes some amazing decals for your walls and surfaces. Like the wallpaper, they're peel and stick and can go on a variety of surfaces. How awesome would those party lights look in your cubicle? And the dry erase decal is both cool and functional. I'd really like to see a cubicle with one of Blik's surface graphics covering the desk, they are SO unique.

How would you give your cubicle a chic makeover?

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