If you're here, you're most likely interested in office design and how to create better office environments by implementing good office design.

One of the books I'd suggest in that pursuit is Planning Office Space: A Practical Guide For Managers and Designers. I found it helpful for providing definition to things I had seen, but didn't really know what they were or why they were used. You can pick it up on Amazon here.

Planning Office Spaces defines meeting rooms as either open or closed, with sizes small and large. If you've worked in an office before, you'll already know that. But in terms of planning an office, each variety has its own specific use case that you might want to include or exclude from  the particular office you're trying to design. If you only have one large closed conference room and no smaller meeting rooms, you could find that the room is taken up by one person, which isn't a very good use of space.

On that same line of thinking, I've been noticing an interesting type of closed meeting room lately popping up in real world office designs: The Enclosed Circular Meeting Room.

In the examples I've chosen below, you'll see them in companies like Aol, iSelect, Google, Ogilvy & Mather, and Yandex. The rooms also use interesting materials and have a variety of privacy levels ranging from fabric, bead, and vinyl walls to walls made of plywood and glass.

I imagine these style of meeting rooms are popular for of several factors:

  1. They look great
  2. They are functional for both meeting and relaxing
  3. They are placed is what otherwise might have been unusable space
  4. They can separate large open floorplan offices

Does your office have an interesting style of meeting room?


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