One of the reasons coworking spaces are a great alternative to traditional office spaces are that they provide you with an opportunity to get work done while being in a social space.  One is able to have meetings in a casual environment or closet themselves up in a small conference room for more private (and quiet) meetings. 

Pinewood Social, recently opened in the Trolley Barns of Downtown Nashville, was designed for patrons to come and stay as long as they want. Featuring vintage bowling lanes, a bar, and a full service restaurant, this space has become one of Nashville's hottest hangouts. The space features a living room-like setup of couches as well as a community table with laptop outlets (not to mention Crema coffee, available at all times). Brothers Max and Ben Goldberg are the geniuses behind this spot and are also known for other Nashville hotspots, including Patterson House, Catbird Seat, Paradise Park, and Merchants. 

Located walking distance from the Entrepreneur Center, Pinewood Social sees a large representation of the tech crowd daily. But on any given day you can also find musicians and celebrities hanging out, making this coworking space one of the most social in Nashville. This is truly a place where everyone is welcome to stay all day, the food is good, and the coffee brewed to perfection. 

And, oh yeah, they are planning on adding a pool come springtime…

Pinewood Social is located at 33 Peabody St. in Nashville. Check them out at

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