Is your office boring you? Updating the art in your workspace is an easy and quick way to give everything a new look/makeover. The down side of that is that sometimes the cost is more than you envisioned. Maybe there is a painting you love but that's out of your budget. Or you're not really sure what you want to do but you know you can't spend a large amount of your budget on art. Here are some quick ways you can give your space an art makeover without breaking the bank. Here we go…

Hang art prints in a different way

Sure, doing an entire wall of framed prints would look gorgeous, but how many frames do you need to buy? And if you're not real handy then you have to consider the cost of hiring help, too. I recently wrote a post on hanging art prints in a different way; this technique will not only be cheaper than buying 10 frames, but it gives a unique look, too. Show your love of coffee with this print or hang your own art, just in a different way. 


Wall decals are the way to go

I've talked about using wall decals to update your office. Like the photo below, I love the idea of dedicating a wall to a positive quote that stays front and center on your mind all day. No prints, no frames, just a positive quote or mantra front and center. You can update your whole wall for just $55 or less depending on the decal. 

do what you love love what you do decal

Create an inspiration wall/moodboard

If you're able to have some creative freedom in your workspace, this is the way I would go. Think of it like taking your favorite pinterest board and instead of it living on your computer, it's displayed on your wall. Washi tape is an easy way to create borders if you like that look. Or, you can create an entire space with no borders to take advantage of more room. 

moodboard with wasi tape

Photo via MyHomeStyle Spain

Do you update your space in the spring? Tell us in the comments below!

-Sayeh, The Office Stylist 

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