Are you limping along in a boring office environment? Tired of searching for inspiring office décor? Well, we have good news! Adding style to your office doesn't have to be difficult. This year's trends add instant "wow" to your space and make it easy to love how you work.

INTERCHANGEABLE ACCESSORIES: Top design blogger Arianna Vargas of says "chameleon decor" is driving design decisions in 2014. People want the freedom to transform their office without a huge financial or time investment. To achieve this, Arianna recommends mixing in new pillows, rolling out a fresh area rug, purchasing different lamps or changing flower vases. Small investments like these deliver a big return when it comes to creating bold, unforgettable spaces.

COLOR SPLASH: It's no secret that paint is the undisputed champion when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck. Wade into deep turquoise to add richness, or find focus and calm surrounded by muted earth tones. Regardless of your color choice, anchoring your office with a white turnstone Bivi desk sets off your wall color without competing against it. It also gives you the flexibility to change your paint next year without having to toss your furniture.

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BOLD PRINTS: The Federation for European Screen Printers says, "Printed designs dominated the 2014 Spring/Summer collections at the recent Fashion Weeks in London, New York, Milan and Paris—printed textiles have never been more on trend." [source] So how to add these to your space? Consider a side chair, new window treatments, flooring, wallpaper or pillows that bring some flair to your office. Remember: with chameleon décor, you can always swap it out next season. 

METAL: Blending metallic legs with other materials nods to another modern aesthetic trending this year. Turnstone's Rumble Seat offers a variety of finish options for its legs when used as a freestanding lounge, and our Lincoln Lounge, Jenny Tablet Arm (pictured above) and Jenny Round blend both leathers and fabric with metal, bringing instant style to your collaboration space or reception area.

how does Bivi look in an industrial space?

HONEY-TONED WOODS: Softening the wood tones used in the office is another trending design element, says Elle Decor's online publication. Turnstone's Bivi desk is also available in Warm Oak and Virginia Walnut, offering an instant compliment to exposed brick walls or refinished floors.


LET NATURE INSPIRE YOU: With an increased focus on wellbeing, many are finding balance by bringing the outside, in. Integrating elements of nature like water, stones, and living green walls help you breathe deeply while spending time inside.

Research shows that space is an integral part of wellbeing and employee engagement, so regardless of how you style your office, what remains important is that you make your space matter to you. Spend time intentionally planning a layout and aesthetic that inspires you and your team—and if you need help with space planning, give us a call. Turnstone is ready with expert service.

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