decorating your office with flowers

Decorating your office with flowers may seem like a no-brainer, but there is a lot more to it than merely tossing some cut stems in a vase. Being selective with the types of flowers and plants you place around your office shows forethought, intentionality and even nods to your design aesthetic.

Personally, I love having a lucky bamboo plant on my desk. but when I'm in the mood for something floral, I've been anything but lucky. There was the bouquet the quickly sprouted gnats and the plant that died within a day. Clearly, I wasn't doing something right. 

carly cylinder

There are, however, flowers that are meant for your office. In fact, they're practically begging for space next to your computer! I sat down with Carly Cylinder, "The Flower Chef" for some tips + tricks for decorating your office with flowers.  


1. Location is Everything: "Scout the location first to see the lighting. Some plants, such as succulents, will attract gnats or flies if placed in a dark area, which is the last thing you want. Orchids are the easiest to maintain and will last 1-3 months. Just water lightly every 7-10 days and keep out of direct sunlight. For brightly lit areas, choose tropical flowers. Others, such as Bells of Ireland wilt under hot office lighting (learned this the hard way!). Hearty flowers like sunflowers, cut dendrobiam orchids and wildflowers can be economical and long lasting."  


2. A Pretty Vase goes a Long Way: "Choose the vase first. People often ask what I choose first: the flowers or the vase, and I say it just depends. When decorating, choose a vase you like and then pick the flowers. Also, use things like pretty measuring cups, kettles, tins, coffee cups or soup cans for vases. You can use ones with vintage labels or peel off the label and spray paint a complimentary color."  

3. Monochromatic arrangements are your Friend: "All whites are always safe for something elegant. Choose different types of flowers in one color. For example, pink roses, pink tulips and pink dahlias look great together. You can do the reverse and choose one type of flower in two shades, such as pink and purple tulips. No greens or filler needed." 

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Another important thing that Carly mentioned is avoiding lilies for home offices since they are deadly for pets. While you may have more flexibility and ease with caring for flowers at home, they're not all ideal for every space.

Also, avoid highly fragrant flowers if there are many people in your office since you don't really know who is allergic to what. Remember: when it comes to choosing flowers for your office space, pretty is nice but function is key.

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