Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration. Creativity, creativity, creativity. Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork.

These seem to be the office design buzzwords consistently being talked about year after year. But beyond being buzzwords, collaboration, creativity, and teamwork are actually ideas office designers and office planners need to consider when designing a new space or renovating an old one.

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One way companies have looked to increase all three of these is through the addition of large whiteboard walls throughout an office layout.

Collaboration / Teamwork

Meetings are typically run by one person that "has the floor" while everyone else sits around and listens to them yammer on about how they didn't meet corporate's expectations in the second quarter. While some meetings like that are probably still necessary, other meetings can be more collaborative and teamwork-focused by having a large wall or entire room outfitted with whiteboard space.

Instead of having one person controlling the direction of a meeting, anyone can participate and work together to find a solution to a problem.


The use of whiteboards in offices is probably more traditionally known for dulling people's creative senses due to terribly boring meetings. This seems to be changing with the increasing use of whiteboards throughout the office in non-traditional places.

Instead of only being found in a 5'x3' size in a meeting room with black markers, whiteboards can be found anywhere with a variety of colors in both large and small-sized rooms. With the extra space and freedom to create, employees often use the walls to explore their creative abilities and opportunities.

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Location of Whiteboards

While the proliferation of whiteboard paint has made placement less of a constraint, not everyone can coat every wall with them. Some of the best places to add them are:

  • Common rooms where many move through
  • Meeting rooms or brainstorm rooms
  • Adjacent to workstations
  • Team rooms

Products You Might Use

  • IdeaPaint:
    IdeaPaint is the originator of paint-on whiteboard wall solutions that help facilitate collaboration in the office. 

  • WhiteyBoard:
    WhiteyBoard offers several different options to get your office collaboration going, all at an affordable price.

  • Smart Wall Paint:
    Smart Wall Paint is another paint-on solution for your office's collaboration and brainstorming needs. 

Enough writing—let's get onto the inspirational whiteboard wall photography!

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