Thanks to Wi-Fi, laptop computers, smart phones and tablets, it's often possible to get just as much work done "on-the-go" as it is when you're sitting at your desk. However, in order to make the most of your on-the-go office time, there are a few essentials I'd recommend having on-hand:

1. Laptop and/or Tablet

In today's internet-saturated work place, it's almost impossible to get anything accomplished without a computer, tablet or both!

If you're in the market for a new computer, consider one that's extremely light-weight and portable to make transportation easier. And if you'll be working in a variety of public locations, you might also opt for a privacy screen filter to protect your information.

2. Smartphone

There are days when life is just crazy and I actually get most of my work done via my phone—which is why I'd consider a phone (specifically a smartphone) to be an absolute essential when working on-the-go.

Not only can you use it to call, text or email clients and coworkers, you can also use it to check in on social media, update your website, take, edit and send pictures, add dates to your calendar, create to-do lists, find directions to your next destination and the list goes on.

3. Charging Cords

I always come prepared with charging cords for all my electronics just in case I end up in one location longer than expected. The cords don't take up much extra room, and considering you probably won't accomplish much without working electronics, they are definitely on my essentials list.

If you can find car chargers for any of your devices, I would highly recommend those as well. Often times, you can get Wi-Fi in various parking lots, and sometimes it's just easier and more convenient to work from your car.

It's also wise to label each cord (I just use masking tape and a permanent marker) so you don't accidentally take the wrong cord on your weekend business trip.

4. Headphones

If you enjoy listening to music, headphones should definitely be a part of your on-the-go essentials kit. Unless you are in a completely isolated area, I would highly encourage using headphones to listen to music, podcasts, watch video clips, etc.

There are few things more annoying to those around you than them being forced to listen to your music—especially if they are trying to do any sort of focused work or carry on a quiet conversation.

5. Pen + paper

Sure, you could type anything you need on your computer, tablet or phone, however when I'm working on-the-go, I almost always find that a pen and pad of paper come in handy.

Maybe I need to quickly jot down an idea, sketch out a design, record a phone number or write down password. For me, it's so much easier to do this with a pen and paper versus stopping what I'm doing on my computer to open a Word Document, my calendar or the internet.

6. Work Bag

Finding a good work bag is definitely a must-have for anyone working on-the-go.

Look for something that's dark in color so it won't look dirty (I prefer black leather) and has a padded laptop pocket; this way, you won't need to carry 2 separate bags.

I like bags that have various smaller pockets as well—perfect for my phone, tablet, charging cords, headphones, water bottle, pens, paper, and anything else I need to carry with me. The more organized I am while working on-the-go, the more productive I'll be.

7. Food + Drink

If I'm working at a coffee shop or restaurant, I'll grab a bite to eat before I sit down to work. However, if I'm working from my car or in another location where food and drink isn't readily available, I make a point to pack myself a few snacks, a lunch, and plenty of water (or coffee).

I'm not productive when I'm hungry and I don't like wasting extra time (or money) tracking down restaurants if they aren't very close by.

Keep your essentials organized in one convenient location to allow you to quickly take off whenever necessary. You'll be able to enjoy the productivity of working in the office and the convenience of setting your own schedule and an anywhere office location on-the-go!

What essentials would you add to my list?

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