The first time I can remember seeing an office which featured street art was back in in 2007 in a young and growing social network called Facebook. The company had hired David Choe to create some memorable and interesting wall art in 2005. Choe famously opted to take company stock instead of cash. That decision has been estimated to be worth a possible whopping $500 million.

While not all street art in offices are as famous or as valuable as Choe's, street art is increasingly becoming a feature in office designs. Why?

I boil the decision to add street art to offices down to one or more of the following things:

1. Street Art Supports the Arts: With many companies looking to engage with their local communities, it seems that one good way to do this is by supporting the arts. Where I live, is the main supporter for the Arts and Lectures series of performances and events at the local university. Hiring street artists to come into the office and create some unique designs is another way to show the local community that you care about the local culture by supporting its artists.

2. Street Art is Edgy and Youthful: In the ongoing challenge of enticing employees to come and work for their companies, some have found that creating amazing offices with mind-blowing amenities is one way to lure prospective workers. Because street art is youthful and edgy, companies add it to their offices to project the same level of "cool."

3. Street Art is Fun and Interesting: Even though my first couple points seem to make it seem like street art is added to offices merely as great PR or window dressing, street art is genuinely fun and interesting. Companies are cool and youthful, so they are naturally drawn to the artform. And companies do actually like to engage with their communities. Just look at the photos below and you'll see the appeal.

Now, let's take a peek at some great examples of street art in offices:



BFG Communications

Facebook Sydney

Search Engine company



Group M



Quicken Loans


V Kontakte

Stone Designs



Missing Link


Google Haifa



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