Working from home can be a blessing (pajamas all day!), but it can also be a burden, especially if you don't have a dedicated place to work. You can only spend so many days at the dining table or on the couch before pining for a space of your own. Unfortunately, you just might not have the space or the money to convert a whole room into your home office, which is probably where the ingenious idea behind closet offices was born.

There are a lot of chic and stylish ways to create a closet office and it's a great solution for someone who needs a home office but has very limited space. Need some inspiration? Here are 5 ways to create your own gorgeous closet office! Take a look and remember to pin your favorites!


closet office with curtain

1. Take off the doors, replace with a curtain

You may be looking at your closet and muttering, "There's no way I can fit a workspace in there." But guess what? It's possible! All you'll need is to take the doors off their hinges and voila!  To add style and hide your clutter, consider replacing the doors with a simple curtain. It adds some elegance and uniqueness to the space while still "shutting" it away if need be.

closet office with desk inside

2. Don't be afraid to utilize a big space

Not every closet office has to be tiny, after all. If you're only using a secondary closet for Christmas decorations and coats, find another place for them so you can really spread out. This way you don't have to feel like you're shoving yourself into a bitty space, and you'll be more relaxed when you work. Don't be afraid to put a full-sized desk in there — or even a little chandelier! That way your space will be used for something productive instead of just storage.

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3. You don't have to cover every inch

I've seen a lot of closet offices that use every little inch of space, whether for workspace, storage or decor. But that can be a little overwhelming with all that stuff around you. You should be conscious of what you need and don't need, because in such a small space, clutter builds up fast. For people whose business is all on the computer, you don't need a ton of storage or even desk accessories. You can have a minimal closet office with only the things you need, plus very simple decor. I think it actually looks really professional and chic this way.

closet office using doors 2

4. The doors are part of the space too

In a room-sized office, you wouldn't typically put things on the door or have them serve any other purpose than to be a door. In a closet office, however, the doors are as much apart of the space as the inside of the closet. Use the doors for storage, oversized items (like the rulers hanging on the left door), decor or pictures you don't need in front of you. This helps to keep clutter off of your workspace, while still using as much space as you need.

closet office with desk outside

5. A closet office can mean a lot of things

Of course, you see a lot of closet offices that are actually all the way in the closet, but it doesn't have to be that way. You can have a home office a lot like this one, with all of the storage and decor inside the closet and the desk still partially in the room. This works great for a guest room or living room, since most of the things you need are out of the way, but still within reach. The closet office still looks put together, but you're working in a less controlled space.

Would you try out a closet office? Love it or hate it?

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