If you're at the office, look up. Chances are that you're staring at the dullest looking fluorescent lighting available for use in the modern world.  While office lighting is very important (and improperly lit offices can cause eye strain or eye fatigue) that doesn't mean you're stuck with fluorescent lights. In fact, lighting needs can be solved using some creativity.

From what I've found, most office lighting falls into the category of ambient lighting, which is basically going to be the light that illuminates a room. Ambient lighting is usually done by directly lighting the room from above or by aiming hanging lights at the ceiling to reflect light back down into the room.

If you're looking to spice up your office lighting with some interesting chandeliers, hanging lamps, or something similar, a few places you might look are:

I've recently noticed office designers using lighting in offices a bit differently than your typical "rows of fluorescent tubes" setup. Instead, they are opting to use them as a design feature to help enhance the overall look and feel of the office, beyond simply the light they provide.

Some of the techniques I see used often are:

  • Repetition of one type of chandelier to add more lighting and multiply the impact of the look
  • Fluorescent lighting tubes at interesting angles on X, Y, and Z axis'
  • Fluorescent lighting tubes with extra housing removed to be more industrial
  • Normal light bulbs with custom housings

Where are you going to find images that show examples of that? Well, you're in luck because I have included a bunch of interesting lighting design photos:






















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