I'm all about making work easier and more efficient. If there is a way to make my day go even smoother and my work day even happier, I'll find it.

Recently, I came across the app TurboScan and I have no idea how I've lived without it. I use PDF escape to get through documents that I don't feel like printing, but for documents that I actually have in my hand or need a copy of RIGHT AWAY, TurboScan is a dream.

Here's how you can put this app to work for you:

turboscan 22

1. Download the TurboScan app for your iPhone or Android

turboscan 4

2. Snap a pic of the document (or many pics if there is more than one page)


3. Convert to PDF with a press of a button, then email it to yourself


What TurboScan does is turn a photo into an easy-to-read PDF. So if you've ever tried to snap a pic with your phone for a "in a hurry" photo copy, or printed out a contract until you could get to Fedex-Kinko's to fax it? Forget about it! Literally. TurboScan will seriously change things.

This app is the newest and best tool in my growing digital toolbox. It literally kills the need for a fax machine or copier, and works wonders when you're in a pinch. I recently used it when signing the final partnership documents for WORK. One simple pic and the document was converted to a PDF and sent to my inbox for safekeeping. 

I was *not* paid by TurboScan to say any of this—I just really really love their app! Are you a fan of new apps or would you rather stick with an old fashioned (soon to be extinct wink) fax machine? 

-Sayeh, The Office Stylist 

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