It may seem crazy to start thinking about Fall when it's still 100 degrees outside(here in LA anyway), but it will creep up on you. Just like I said about transitioning to summer from winter and spring, there are quick and easy ways to get yourself and your workspace into a fall mood. And just like with summer, there are very distinct colors and vibes that go with fall that are sure to give you visions of Thanksgiving and changing leaves already!

trade bright for rich

1. Trade bright colors for a richer color palette

Summer was all about bright + fresh colors, while fall tends to have more earthy + rich colors surrounding it. So swap out all of your brightly colored desk accessories and furniture for ones with a deeper hue. Don't you don't have to abandon your decor or overall color scheme to get a fall vibe. Simple switch out your  bright orange chair for a more pumpkin colored addition or add some fall inspired pillows to the visitor chairs in your workspace. This way, you still have the base of your office, but with more autumn inspired colors.

work with woods

2. Work with woods

Probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of fall is the changing of the leaves. Bring a bit of the trees into your workspace with wood furniture. Wood has always been a warm and comfy feeling material and it will only add to your fall inspired space. I really love the idea of having purple, orange, red and yellow decor to go with wood furniture and accessories, because it will almost feel like you're in a forest without it being cheesy. Woods also transition really wall for winter, when you can pair them with silver, red, green + blue accessories!

school inspired accessories

3. Get some school-inspired accessories

When we were kids, fall used to mean back to school. And there was no better way to get us into a fall mood than buying new school supplies. Try and recreate that feeling by getting yourself some school-inspired supplies, whether it's new desk accessories or everyday materials. You need them anyway, so why not have fun with them?  It'll help you feel like summer is really ending and that fall is quickly approaching.

What are you doing to bring Fall into your space? Or are you keeping things the same?


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