• Be honest with yourself: Are you physically attached to your smartphone or laptop? (guilty!)
  • Are you constantly updating all forms of social media and scanning e-mail inbox like a watchdog?
  • Do you sleep no further than a foot away from your phone?

If this is you, the holidays provide the perfect time to unplug from technology. As someone who is attached to all forms of technology herself, I can’t help but dream of a moment where I am not updating ten forms of social media or checking various email accounts. Don’t get me wrong—I am a huge fan of technology, but the unwarranted effects of these devices have made me realize the importance of setting aside technology-free time. Although the thought of unplugging from the rest of the world may seem horrific to some, you will be surprised how beneficial the time away can be.

Need a few reasons to turn off your device this holiday season? Here are five:

1. Clear your head.

When you have been responding ceaselessly to your email inbox, it’s time to take a moment to clear your head. I know you might be hesitant to ignore the daunting inbox, but you will actually be more productive if you do. Think of it as a mental break. Take a walk or grab a drink—anything to impose a quick break from the computer screen will allow you to collect your thoughts and re-group. 

2.  Focus on the life around you.

It’s almost natural to see everyone glued to their cell-phones at all times of the day. Sometimes it seems as though our society can’t walk two steps without their noses glued to their phones. So, refrain being swallowed by your cell-phone and take a moment to look around you. You don’t need to be updated on all forms of social media every second of everyday. Instagram will still be there when you get from one destination to another.

3. Spend quality time with loved ones.

This may seem obvious, but quality time includes enjoying having a conversation with those around you without being absorbed by your cell phone. It’s sad going to a restaurant and seeing that couples and families aren’t even talking to one another because they are all looking down at their phones. Don’t allow yourself to become so absorbed in your conversation that you can’t even enjoy the company of your loved ones. Your email can wait but your family can’t.

4. Recharge your creativity

Many studies have shown that breaks from work and tasks can help produce better ideas, boost happiness and impact a better quality of life over all. Let your mind be free of the constant barrage of information, and remember what it's like to think and create without feeling rushed. If you don't think you're ready to leave your device, just do some googling on why it's important for your brain, and you'll wish you did it sooner!

5. Enjoy the holidays! 

As the old song says, "There's no place like home for the holidays." Quiet evenings inside a cozy home set the stage to create special memories—not to scan social media watching other peoples' celebrations unfold! Instead, eat good food. Play some games. Hit the slopes. Watch old family videos. Plan to spend your time alongside family and friends with your phone totally turned off and stashed so you're not tempted to peek at it each time you feel it vibrate. After all, the best present you can give your loved ones…is your presence.

Are you planning a break from your phone this holiday season? (Sleeping doesn't count!) Chat with us on Twitter! @myturnstone and @officestylist.

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