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From employees to contractors to friends, I work with a lot of different people and have also run into my own set of "bad clients." Whether it's the person who doesn't know how to say thank you, or the boss that never acknowledges your work, saying thank you at work is SO important and makes a huge difference in your work life!

With Thanksgiving coming up I thought it fitting to talk about giving thanks at work. Because it's not just about saying thank you after you receive praise for a great presentation or a gift — it's about so much more.

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Let's start with vendors. As a client, it's SO important to say thank you to your vendors, too. It's not just about being the client, it's about showing and telling the other party that you appreciate their hard work and effort.When I have a client who tells me how happy they are, it only makes me want to do a better job.

Imagine working on a project with a client who frequently complains or belittles your work. You're ready to get rid of them as soon as you can, right? Your vendors are people, too, and they deserve and appreciate the same thanks and praise offered to other people at work. Keep them happy and you'll always receive great work.

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There is a common misconception that saying thank you to your boss is considered "brown nosing." I'll make this simple by saying it's NOT. It's not about the words you say, but what you are thanking them for. Did your boss give you an opportunity and take a leap of faith on your talent when (s)he could have chosen someone with more experience? A simple "thank you for the opportunity" on a card (Hand written! No e-cards!) goes a long way. Your boss appreciates thanks just as much as your assistant would. 

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This is an obvious one because usually clients are the only ones getting thanks. I mean, I do understand — they are what you think drives your business and they do deserve thanks like everyone else. Though your clients are SO important, you have to keep in mind the other important work relationships need thanks, too. As long as you're not forgetting those, you can keep on sending the thank you cards to clients and showing your appreciation with a note or gift card, etc.

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This is not just for leadership — it applies to employees, too. Your co-workers or employees (if you're a business owner) are really more important than any part of your business. If they're not feeling appreciated and thereby get de-motivated, your ENTIRE business will feel it. Your clients can't be happy unless your co-workers/employees are.

There's a cafe by my house that I LOVE but I don't go to very often because I can tell the people working there could care less about their job. After speaking with one of the baristas and finding out that they all think management doesn't care about them, it ALL made sense. An ungrateful or uncaring attitude can literally poison your business if you're not showing gratitude for your employees or the rest of the team you're managing. 

Do you give thanks to all 4 type of people in your work life or are you forgetting someone? Let me know in the comments below!

-Sayeh, The Office Stylist

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