I recently had the amazing opportunity to interact with HGTV star and celebrity designer, David Bromstad. Best known for his work on DesignStar and Color Splash, David is also an accomplished artist with his own line of prints and design accessories. Here are a few of his insights on design: 

What is the first thing you do when designing an office space? Put together mood board? 

The first thing I do is measure the space. I use Pinterest as my mood board and get as much information as possible from the client. Do they want lots of storage space, or do they want the office to look more fashionable and chic? What do they use the space for? Sometimes the office can be pull double duty as a guest bedroom or a reading room. At the end of the day, it’s all about the client and their wants and needs.

Once we establish what they would like to use the office for, we then move into the design phase. I ask what color palette they are going for, what type of furniture, type of desk, area rug, and art they want in the room. After this is finished, I have my design assistants add this to the design program 3Ds-Max, and that's where the entire room comes to life. It allows the client to see exactly what they are getting before the actual work begins.

What can we find you snacking on throughout the workday? 

It depends on the time of the day. I always have a protein bar in my bag in the case of an "energy emergency.” I love healthy snacks, such as almonds and fresh veggies during the day. Some of my go-to favorites include cheese and some meat with crunchy pickles towards the end of the workday. It depends if I am filming, on a design site or sitting home. No matter what, I always try and eat healthy. 

What's your Work Style? Are you a slacks kinda guy? Describe your go to pieces for work. 

If I am working, I am always casual and comfortable. I am very hands on and have no problem jumping in to help paint or help with the construction on my job sites. When filming, as can be expected, I always have to be a little more fashion conscious. Even if I wear a simple t-shirt, I always dress up my outfit with a colorful belt, cute shoes and accessories for the wrist or neck.   

We love companies that focus on amazing furniture pieces for your workspace, what are your favorites from our friends at turnstone? 

The Think In Fabric Chair, Jenny Round Chair, Bivi Add On: Plus Two Table, Limited Edition Campfire Table, Mobile File Table with Cushion Top, Campfire Big Light, Bivi Holder, Art Rococo Chalkboard, Bivi Trunk, Scoop Chair and Campfire Ottoman…to name a few.

What's the one thing you can't stand seeing in a space that needs your help? 

Disorganized desks. Especially when working, I love the space to always look neat and orderly. Sensible storage is a must in any space, whether it’s an office or a bedroom. I hate clutter and that is something that always bothers me. 

Need some tips to stay organized? Our infographic can help.

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