I'm a *huge* fan of bringing pets to work. I've talked about the why's, the how's and even featured the official Bring your Pet to Work Day, so I'm excited to talk about the holiday edition!

I've been talking to quite a few companies that are fans of the "bring your pet to work" policy and have discovered that some even have holiday parties for the pets alone. If your office ISN'T a pet friendly place, consider having a special day where employees can bring well-behaved pets in, ideally a slower-paced day closer to the holiday break. This can be an added perk that doesn't cost the company money and is something fun that everyone can get involved with.

The folks over at LFB Media Group have gone as far to create an Instagram account for their "company dog" and he's making an appearance on their holiday card, too!


"We bring Jesus (the dog) to work partly out of necessity, and also because he brings such joy to our office life!   We work in a high-energy and often high-pressure environment, and there's nothing like a five minute cuddle break with a the cutest puppy in the world to put you at ease. He definitely lightens the mood whenever we are stressed, and taking him for walks gives us a nice excuse to go outside on days we feel chained to our desks. He has also helped us hone our social media skills – we have been running an Instagram for him @jesusbloomberg and he practically has more followers than all of us combined. We've all become doggie publicists!"  


The guys over at Truepanion have even planned a holiday pet party! The pet-perks of working there are truly amazing:

"We also have a pet holiday party in the office and plan to have Santa Paws come in for our pets to take pictures with! We provide free dog walking services during the work day so employees can continue working while their pet get some fresh air and exercise. Our office also offers baby gates and tethers for pets to keep them contained in appropriate areas. We have a pet play area in our office for pups and employees to play and take breaks in. Aside from all of our awesome perks that improve morale and make our company culture hard to beat, we all live for our pets."


Here are a few DO's and DONT's  if you want to bring your pet to work for the holidays:  

1. DO NOT feed them holiday cookies, treats or new food at the office. The last thing anyone needs is a pet getting sick at work.

2. DO dress them up in holiday gear (as long as they're ok with it!). That's the fun of having pets around for the holidays: having a "Santa Paws".  

3. DO NOT bring ALL your pets to work. You have to be able to manage working as you typically do, so if you've got three dogs, it's best to pick just one to come to work with you that day.

4. DO be mindful of others who may not be "dog lovers." If some of the office isn't a fan, its best to keep your dog/pet near your desk at all times. It's a good rule in general!   

Are any of you allowed to bring your pet to work for the holidays? Have you met a "Santa Paws" before? Let me know in the comments below!   



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