Periodically, turnstone highlights the work of entrepreneurs in specific markets. Today we're happy to feature the exciting work of Mibio, based in Nashville but reaching the world.


Mibio is a startup and smartphone app that sets itself apart from other capture apps in many ways. Instead of the immediate share and disappear experience of other social apps, Mibio allows you to capture not only the photo, but so many other things that allow a user to add context. Choosing from things like quotes, sound bytes, videos and more allows users to really capture a 3D moment. Mibio also gives you enough cloud storage space to ensure your memories are safe forever. 

Originally, Founder & CEO Josh Reeder had thought this would be a great solution for moms and mommy bloggers who were collecting hundreds of thousands of photos of their childrens' lives. "I wanted to provide them with the ultimate product that would allow them to do what they were already doing, but better", said Reeder. After initial success in that market, Mibio took off in an unexpected way, attracting users from every age demographic as well as small businesses. 

Lyft drivers started using Mibio to capture their stories with riders and businesses like Simplexity Marketing realized they could utilize Mibio as an effective marketing tool. Keisha Olds, Simplexity's CEO, said she "wanted to offer clients a really effective and unique way to engage their customers and really show them what their business does."

Mibio has really captured the hearts of Nashville and is starting to generate a lot of buzz. They are a company that is dedicated to their users, constantly encouraging them to share their "Mibio Moments". Check them out at Once you have downloaded the app you can send your Mibio Moments to

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Guest author Dee Raz is a California girl who has put down roots in Nashville and works to keep a pulse on the startup scene. Aside from authoring her own blog, the Daily Raz, Dee enjoys fashion and philanthropy.

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