As we continue to learn about wellbeing in the workplace, Steelcase researchers have uncovered more factors at play than whether employees have access to natural light or on-campus fitness centers. Instead, our wellbeing is connected to several factors, including the freedom to be authentic, which we experience when we’re allowed to express our personalities in the office. 

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This spring, graphic designer Jeremy Friend found a creative way to bring authenticity to his Baltimore architectural firm. Jumping at the opportunity to personalize a turnstone Buoy for a local A & D Earth Day event, he drew on his love for calligraphy and street art to create a stunning laser-cut wrap that could be affixed with a roller and squeegee.

Jeremy’s design process began by first penciling words and phrases that evoked harmony, exemplified stewardship and highlighted components of nature. Then, using Japanese brush pens, he retraced the words in his signature script, giving them a form and flow meant to mimic the wind. After scanning his work into Adobe Illustrator, lines were cleaned up and the file was sent to a printer who also laser cut the design. 

“I wanted it to fit together like interlaced fingers—really organic looking,” Jeremy said in a recent phone interview. 

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But more than artistic expression, event organizers say the Buoy design project was about personalizing the office experience, reflecting values and reinforcing ways to keep moving.

“Buoy is completely useful to me because I do often stand up and walk around. I have to check on prints coming out of printers and do bindings, so I’m up and around all day, even if it’s just to get a cup of coffee. I was wondering why we hadn’t seen something like this before. There’s a lot of interest in our office!”

More of Jeremy’s work can be seen on his website and by following him on Instagram @jeremyfriend.

[photos courtesy of Julie Morici]

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