When it comes to open spaces, a rug can make all the difference. 

A bright print or a simple faux fur rug can make a cold and uninviting office space feel quaint and cozy. In corporate office buildings overwhelmed by fluorescent lights and boring floor tiles, utilizing a large (and fabulous) rug will cut up the space and distract the eye from any glaring features. Here are some things to look out for when choosing a office rug that stands out. 

Image via Lauren Messiah

Color is everything. I am a huge supporter of color in any space, especially offices. We all know that if your office space looks depressing, you'll be left uninspired and struggling to get work done. Adding pops of color keeps the space fresh and lively, provides inspiration and encourages positivity—all contributors to productivity. If you are wary of using bright colors or scared to experiment, I suggest testing your favorite hue with an area rug. When picking the color for a large area rug, don’t forget to take into account that people will be walking over it constantly. Although white can be chic, it isn’t the best choice for an office rug. Trust me: there is nothing more frustrating than  shoe prints on the floor or seeing your white rug become a dirty gray.

Be wise when picking the material. Although yarn rugs add a lot texture and dimension to a space, they are not the easiest to clean. To ensure minimal upkeep, I recommend vacuum-friendly rugs. You will have a lot of foot traffic in your office, so your rug should be prepared for battle.

Don’t be scared of pattern. A lot of people are intimidated by pattern and the fear of picking a print that will induce headaches. Not all patterns are worthy of being ignored—after all, just look at the gorgeous example above! To pick a print suitable for everyone, I recommend keeping the colors to a minimum. For instance, pick a fun pattern that has two to three colors in it rather than the entire color wheel.

Design is a floor to ceiling process. A statement rug will make your office space look effortlessly chic and help with any sound issues your space may have.

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