For many people, soaking up a good view from atop a building or mountain is the closest thing to heaven – experientially and vertically. Seeing how small you are in comparison to your surroundings can be simultaneously a humbling, yet inspiring experience.

Unfortunately, your 9-5 view probably seems like it designed intentionally to be the opposite. In most workplaces, inspiration and office seem like oxymorons, and amazing views and office are normally mutually exclusive. All is not lost, however, as many designers have been trying to figure out just how to bring fresh and inspiring outdoors to workers indoors.

We've previously shown office spaces that bring the freshness to the office through plants and natural light.

But another benefit of natural light and windows – beyond the improved workplace performance it brings – are the amazing views that so often accompany it.


Being inspired isn't just for vacation anymore, so pull up your favorite office chair – preferably a Think or Cobi – lean back and soak up the inspiring views straight from the office.

Hitachi Consulting's office has an amazing view of the The Tower Bridge in London.

Lek Securities shows off its panoramic views perched high up in its New York City offices

Hudson Rouge's office comes complete with an exterior terrace with amazing NYC views.

McCann Erickson's office boasts epic views of the NYC Skyline

Shanghai is clear and bright from Adidas' office conference rooms

Cisco-Meraki's new office terrace soaks up th ecalifornia sun from South of the Bay Bridge in San Francisco's office looks out at San Francisco's At&t park where the Giants play their games (pictured above: Cobi Chair)

Velti's office view captures San Francisco's Bay Bridge

Pillsbury Law's offices have a perfect view of San Francisco's embarcadero

Natixis' main employee workstations get a view of the Hong Kong Skyline

IA Interior Architects' employees can soak up Los Angeles views right form their desks

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