The other day I had a reader ask me how to style her office space with dark colors, without it seeming gothic. To me, designing an office is like designing any other space in your house, but it's the one room that people get stuck on. We're worried about what we're "supposed" to do, but I say if you have the flexibility and free-reign with your workspace, use it! There are lots of ways you can incorporate dark colors into your office without it seeming gothic. Let's start with your furniture:

Image via Decorpad

1. Choose your furniture wisely

Furniture plays a huge part in any space and that ONE piece of furniture that doesn't quite fit in could make or break the look. So if you're going for a dark, modern vibe, make sure to pick pieces that are modern. Easy enough right? Other styles that fit into this category while still avoiding a gothic look are: mid century modern, traditional, transitional, MOD, cottage chic and even eclectic boho chic. This goes from your lamps, to furniture, to accessories, keep the theme and look of your space in mind. 

see how one startup transformed their space with furniture

2. Stay away from ornate ANYTHING

Ornate pieces can bring out a gothic vibe, especially if they're dark. Personally, I LOVE anything ornate because it brings out something glam which is the office style I love best. However, if you hate anything close to "gothic" or ornate, then you need to stay away from anything that seems too fancy, complicated or ornate. 

turnstone & handprint: changing small spaces together

3. Don't worry, paint happy 

Lastly, remember that nothing is set in stone. So you painted your office a dark color that you hate, what do you do? You PAINT over it. That's the great part about it being YOUR office space—you can do what you want (within reason!) and if you mess up, it's always something that can be fixed.  

Image via Apartment Therapy

You CAN have a dark office space that doesn't come off as gothic. Its actually pretty easy to do, and the photos above are some GREAT examples.

-Sayeh, The Office Stylist 


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