If your company has recently moved into a new space and are looking to give it an overhauled look, one of the more daunting things to freshen up are those huge, ominous walls. You know the ones. They take up an inordinate amount of the room and just sit there, staring at you.

Be bothered no more. 

It is time to take those huge, boring, plain walls and transform them into something that will induce a creative energy throughout the office. Or at least not be such a bore to look at throughout the day.

Some common creative ideas I've seen designers use to jazz up office walls:

The last item on the list is one that can be especially interesting depending on the vibe your company is looking to create. Some of the photo ideas you might investigate fall into the following categories:

  • Inspirational photos – choose a photo that will get your staff thinking big
  • Soothing photos – choose a photo that will help those sitting nearby to relax in their surroundings
  • Branded photos – choose a photo whose theme falls into the same category as your business
  • Fun photos – choose photos that will help build a fun energy and buzz in the office
  • Propaganda photos – choose photos that will help remind employees why they work for the company

Now on to the gallery!

What image would you add on the large wall in your office?

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