Ah, meetings. You’re either stuck in them or you’re motivated by them. They drag or they fly by. They’re the stuff that keeps your business moving forward or the stuff that makes you stay late at the office. However you feel about meetings, they’re an undeniable part of modern working life.  But maybe the worst part of meetings is being forced to look at the same ho-hum set-up for hours on end. Say goodbye to uncomfortable chairs, awkward tables and boring spaces with some of my favorite furniture for meetings.

Even just looking at this set-up from turnstone makes me want to meet with someone. I especially love the semi-circle add-ons that make everyone, no matter where they’re sitting, feel like they’re an integral part of the meeting.

Image via Turnstone

Whoever said that a meeting had to be held at a stiff table and chairs? I love this turnstone set-up for an informal, private meeting that still allows you to get down to business. And, added bonus, you can even doodle on the Paper Table–because who among us hasn’t forgotten to bring her notebook to a meeting?

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Image via turnstone

When we were designing our space at Work by The Office Stylist, we found this amazing dining table that we used in our conference area. A conference table doesn’t have to be a boring, regular conference table. If you find stylish furniture that you just love, bring it into your office—I guarantee everyone you’re meeting with will appreciate a little bit of style.

 Image via WorkTOS.com

There is absolutely, positively nothing worse than being stuck in an uncomfortable chair during a long meeting.  Ensure that everyone present is sitting pretty (and comfy!) by installing padded chairs with back rests.

Image via Décor Pad

Too often, conference rooms just feel bare and boring.  A minimal white look take the same amount of effort, but elevates the style of your meeting tenfold.  A white table and chairs will look good and will also keep everyone’s attention on the project at hand.

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What do you do to make meeting rooms more stylish? Let me know in the comments below!

-Sayeh, The Office Stylist 


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