Up and coming coworking space, Deavor, is set to take the world by storm. After attending their pre-launch party and seeing the floor plans, I knew I had to find out more about this unique space.

I sat down with two of the co-founders, Kirk Slawek and Connor Carroll, to find out about their plans for Deavor and what inspires them. The two met through a mutual friend at Belmont University, where they both studied (music business and entrepreneurship, respectively). After collaborating on a few projects together they realized that Carroll was coming in to work at Slawek’s home office almost every day and thus the idea of a coworking space came together.

“We realized we were all sitting at the same table working independently and being successful”, says Carroll. They began inviting their friends to join them and grew their Rolodex of creative people. The network, according to Slawek, just grew from there.

Slawek and Carroll, along with their co-founders Charles Miller and Stephen Mathew, quickly came to see the benefit of working in the same space as others. Working from home alone was depressing, but operating out of a coworking space means the right people for your project are at your disposal, as well as the opportunity to build a community and friendship network.

Out of this coworking endeavor comes Deavor, a place with the community of a coffee shop and the productivity of an office. The team is using Nashville designers for their furniture and lighting, giving the place an industrial, coffee shop vibe with wood and brick accents.  Bongo Java is providing the coffee and coffee machines, further adding to the authentic coffee shop vibe.

“There’s something about the homegrown industrial space that feels warm to me. This is a Nashville space,” said Slawek. The cofounders are homebodies at heart and wanted to build a space that made work a part of you, not something you leave behind at 5pm.

Phase 1 of the space, located in the Bow Trust Building, is set to open March 1 and is ideal for the digitally creative crowd. The co-founders want to have a healthy mix in their space, and already a tech startup and brewery, among others, have shown interest. Deavor will feature a white wall production studio where the team hopes to host movie nights. Other events to look forward to are monthly speakers that will provide a lot of learning opportunities.

Deavor is located at 305 Jefferson Street in Nashville. For more information visit www.deavor.co or email hello@deavor.co.

Turnstone is delighted to welcome a new guest author, Dee Raz, to the blog. Dee is a Califormia girl who has put down roots in Nashville and works to keep a pulse on the startup scene. Aside from authoring her own blog, the Daily Raz, Dee enjoys fashion and philanthropy.

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