Cool is one of the most indefinable concepts on the planet. Because "cool" can be something different to everyone, defining it can be frustratingly hard—yet it remains something that everybody wants! And it seems everywhere you click on the internet, new start-ups have workspaces designed to deliver major office envy.

But creating a cool office space is not as easy as simply picking out some things from a catalog; there is a recipe to styling your office. Below are three ways to update your space: 


One of the most important things about being cool is being at the forefront of every trend. Start by staying ahead of the curve with a slew of hi-tech gadgets. Take a note of Microsoft’s offices, pictured above, where you can meet around a tabletop that’s actually a giant tablet. Who ever said that tech nerds couldn’t be cool? 


Cool kids know about the latest art and design way before anyone else does. Commissioning an artist to come and do a mural in your space will instantly "up" your cool factor. But if your office doesn’t have the decorating budget of Facebook, consider incorporating art into your furniture, like turnstone does with their Paper Table, OR using some fabulous wall mural decals. 

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Every cool office knows that you’ve got to treat your employees right. A casual atmosphere with plenty of places to hang out is vital for a hip workspace. Installing a ping-pong table, couches, or a snack bar will automatically get you an invitation to hang out with the cool kids. It's also why I love turnstone's Campfire setup; it's meant for you to just "hangout"—and what better way to do it?

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What pulses through every cool space is confidence. By staying true to your company’s ideals and values, you’ll make a space that is not only cool, but uniquely yours. Updating your office will increase your employees’ satisfaction levels, create a positive environment and make even the dreariest Monday morning a little more cool.

Need help creating your own cool office? Contact turnstone's space planning team. They are currently waiving design fees and are on hand to help you customize your space.

-Sayeh, The Office Stylist 

[Images via GlassdoorCustom SpacesBusiness Insider]

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