In a recent Parade magazine article, writer Rachel Weingarten cheered for turnstone's Buoy and Personal Table as being "mod friendly" and "chic" ways to "create an instant office where there once was none."

If you're looking for high style solutions for your space, here are a few ways to inject personality—and create an instant office—with modern furniture:

1. Personal Table. If you've ever tried to balance your laptop on your knees, you know it's not the most ergonomic way to get things done. The turnstone personal table is a simple solution for creating instant office space wherever work happens. Perfect for your computer, tablet or cup of coffee, this table is portable and gives a sleek, retro nod to lounge and collaborative workplaces. 

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2. BuoyDesigned for active sitting, Buoy makes it easy to engage your core and wobble, tilt and spin throughout the day. Touted by the Today Show as a "grade A" product for improving posture, Buoy is height adjustable and perfect for quick sits. Weighing in at just twenty pounds, Buoy makes it easy to pull up a seat for impromptu meetings, creating office spaces on-the-go.

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3. Paper Table. Spark innovation and give creativity a boost with a Paper Table in your space. This instant classic is not just a table with a small footprint—its rotating paper top provides real estate for your best ideas. Add a few Buoys to the mix and you've created a place to collaborate in style.

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