Despite what recent research shows about the ineffectiveness of multitasking, let's face it: we all do it. Our world is moving at speeds that seem to require us to tackle multiple tasks at the same time. So why not expect your office furniture to do the same?

I’ve found some great turnstone products that not only look great, but pull double duty when it comes to function. From a seat that keeps you moving to a desk equipped with a bike rack, these pieces are definitely working overtime.

Park It, Work It

If you work in an office, you’ve probably noticed people biking in every morning—you may even be one of those people yourself! And if you’re a biker, you know that cycling isn’t just a form of transportation, it’s a way of life. Keep your bike by your side at all times with a Bivi Bike Rack attachment for your turnstone Bivi desk. This way, you can get work done and stop worrying about it leaving your prized possession outside.

show me another way to store my bike at work 

Stand Up, Plug In Desk

It seems like everyone’s abuzz about the benefits of a standing desk. Enter turnstone’s Campfire Big Table. This desk is the perfect size for standing around, eating lunch together, sitting in a tall chair or celebrating with your team. But by far, the coolest feature of the table is that you can plug your laptop directly into it and never worry about your battery dying mid-meeting again. (below: turntone Big Table shown with optional white storage cabinets)


Sit Down, Work Out

Sitting sedentary for hours at a time in front of a computer can feel like a death sentence.  That’s why I love the Buoy—I think it’s one of the coolest pieces I've come across lately for the office. Not only does it have an cool design, it offers a ton of health benefits!  It engages your core and legs while you’re sitting to help you stay in shape, even while you’re stuck in the middle of another long meeting. Featured on NBC's The Doctors, The Today Show and in December's GQ Magazine Gift Guide, Buoy is a winner when it comes to active sitting.

What are some of your favorite "multi-tasking" office products?


-Sayeh, The Office Stylist 



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