Finding great furniture can be a real pain. I live in a tiny apartment, which only makes matters worse. Once I do find a chair, couch, or kitchen table that fit my aesthetic – they are often just too big.

2 people + cat + small apartment + big furniture = the worst!

The search should begin with knowing the space requirements and then seeing what styles are available … and the same goes for the office environment. 

Having office furniture that matches your space limitations is a vitally important piece of the office space management puzzle. And the area I’ve found the space/furniture size problem become most evident is in the selection of desks, because desks are generally the largest furniture item in an office.

But the problem isn’t simply that the furniture is too big, it is more often that the space isn’t big enough. And unless someone has a solution for making offices larger, the only solution is to make the furniture smaller.

Enter: The New Bivi 48”  

Turnstone has just released a new model of the popular Bivi workstation that comes in at a width of just 48”. With the original size measuring 60” wide, the new, slimmer model offers a space savings of 20% per desk.

Let’s take a look at how the two match up:

  • Four x 60” Bivi = 240”

  • Five x 48” Bivi = 240”

Now, instead of cramming another entire desk into a floorplan that doesn’t allow it, you can simply 'Bivi' your way to a better use of your space.

Admittedly, those were made up numbers, so let’s take a look at an actual office space layout (see areas outlined in green & orange):


And now, after we give it some Bivi 48” magic:

In the green zone, desks increased from 8 to 12. In the orange zone, desks increased from 16 to 18, plus the addition of 4 Rumble Seats. That is an overall increase of 42% more workstations. And while they did take up some additional space, the Bivi 48” reduces the impact.

A Great Solution

One of the best things about the new Bivi 48” is an excellent solution for office planners with a variety of space management goals:

  • planning for growth – smaller workstation sizes help you achieve higher density in your current office without the need to move

  • planning for collaboration – many companies are option for smaller desks and higher density to boost collaboration and interaction

  • planning for mobility – mobile, drop-in workers need less space than those that make the office their homebase


Is your office in need of smarter solutions?

Contact turnstone's FREE space design consultants to see what Bivi 48 can do for you.


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