Pens, crayons, and notebooks fill store aisles and newspaper ads lately. It seems that summer just started and kids began their break from juggling school work and extra-curricular activities.

We all multitask at some level: kids, parents and employees. In the workplace, businesses strive for high performance and efficient, flexible work space. Everything seems to work hard including storage that doubles as an extra work surface or raised flooring that hides cabling and allows for flexibility with modular furniture. There is no doubt: everyone, everything and every space is multi- tasking, even your vertical space.

Vertical spaces like your walls can do wonders in creating a multi tasking work space.

Here are 9 ideas on how your vertical spaces can work hard for you:

1. Glass partitions also act as writable surfaces which are very useful at collaborative areas. Magnetic glass walls let you draw illustrations as well as post notes on the surface.

2. Shelves and book cases provide a lot of room for archived files, displays, and personal storage. For cubicles, use slat wall skins to hold accessories and inbox and outbox trays.

3. Make walls interactive by using marker board surfaces for their writable surfaces and to project images by use of a projection screen. With the evolving technology that makes communication faster and easier, sharing ideas can be transmitted through technology like VIA by Steelcase.

4. Flexible walls might sound contradicting, but these movable walls provide privacy and a sense of permanence, and have the adaptability to change in the workplace.

5. Go Green! A vertical garden adds a sense of peace and tranquility into the daily grind. Having an indoor vertical garden gives you an opportunity to enjoy nature all year round.

6. Use the walls for branding through graphics, product display and art. It's a good place to show off your brand. It's also a good opportunity to make a good impression to your clients.

7. Tackable wall surfaces make displaying work, drawing peers in, and discussions easy.

8. Define spaces by using partitions to make a statement.

9. Some offices incorporate a bleacher seating into the double stair tread of their staircase for large casual gatherings that a conference room could not accommodate.

How is your office maximizing its vertical space?

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